Age management/ Health longevity

Senior health. We define seniors as anyone who is or should be enjoying their golden years. While not defined by a preset age range this typically includes those who are 75y old and beyond. Unfortunately for many this is the time of life when things begin to do down hill. Muscles are atrophied, energy is depleted, sex drive is gone, chronic infections are frequent, cognitive decline accelerates, balance is compromised and falls and broken bones common. If this is you or someone you love, perhaps a parent, do not accept these losses as part of the natural aging process, regardless of what you have been told. You owe it to yourself or your loved one to have a conversation with us on how we can help. In most cases we can.

What makes us different:

  • Personalized care
  • Dr/Pt bond
  • Advanced Diagnostic tools (GI, Supps, body composition., Genetics)
  • 1:1 coaching
  • We are a boutique practice that intentionally limits the number of patients, therefore we can spend the time to understand your goals, needs and ambitions and make them our top priority
  • All patient care is attended to directly by Dr. Hoff

What is stopping your from living the life of your dreams?

  1. Do you sleep a full and uninterrupted 7-9hours each night consistently?
  2. Do you awake from sleep feeling energetic and refreshed?
  3. Are you at your ideal body weight?
  4. Are you able to loose the weight you want to loose when you put your mind to it?
  5. Are you pleased when you look in the mirror clothed?
  6. Are you pleased when you look in the mirror unclothed?
  7. Do you have the strength and energy to do all you want to do each day?
  8. Do you have sex as often as you would like?
  9. Do you enjoy sex?
  10. Does your partner enjoy sex?
  11. Do you feel mentally sharp?
  12. Do you have satisfying relationships with the people most important to you?
  13. Are you happy most every day?

If you answered no to any of these questions we can help you.

If you answered no to 2 or more of these questions you need to call today, we can help you to dramatically improve you life

What we can achieve together:

Together we will manage the aging process which the ultimate in preventive wellness. We will develop a continuum of personalized care, designed to prevent, treat, and in some cases even, reverse age-related physiologic dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. You will look better, feel better and perform better, longer. We will add vitality to your years, lower disease risk, longer healthier more active life, improve resiliency, reduce body fat, regain muscle mass and bone density, boost memory and brain power, experience improved arousal and heightened sexual pleasure and have better relationships with loved ones. You will experience sustainable solutions for long term results. You will transform your potential into exceptional performance. This is here for you here, now.

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