True You



I started seeing Dr Hoff at True You health and wellness about three months ago for premenopausal symptoms. At 46 I was feeling rundown, moody, bloated (IBS-C) and tired all of the time. I was having trouble staying asleep and suffered from night sweats as well as low Libido. I knew that this wasn’t normal or how I wanted to feel. I tried over-the-counter vitamins/supplements but nothing ever worked.

I visited Dr Hoff at his office, he sent me for bloodwork and we made a plan of action. Once my blood work was back and we were able to have a definitive idea of what areas needed some help. I was started on BHRT. It took a little time to get my personalized dosing exactly where I needed it, but now I can say that I have not felt this energized or happy in a very long time. In fact, I was so satisfied with how things were going my husband even started going to Dr.Hoff! I’m beyond grateful for Dr Hoff. Thx Dr. Hoff! 🙂


Before seeing Dr. Hoff and his team I would come home from work and just want to go to bed. I never wanted to do anything and keep telling myself it was all in my head I was just being lazy, but at only 39 years old and with a young child I knew I had to make a change.

So I went to True You. Dr. Hoff listened to my needs and wants which is a WONDERFUL thing from your Doctor. A short time later and I’m a new man. I work 12hrs a day and still have tons of life in me for my family. I have more energy and stamina than I did in my 20’s. All I can say is stop wasting your time! Go see Dr. Hoff and his team and become the “True you” that you’re meant to be.

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